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Disciplined Listening: Influence Under Stress

  • 07 May 2020
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Online Webinar

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Disciplined Listening: Influence Under Stress
Michael Reddington, Inquasive

As stress levels rise people focus on their immediate needs, doubt and distrust creep in, emotions dominate their thought processes as rationality gets suppressed, defenses rise and new barriers to relationships are erected. Essentially protecting themselves and relieving the stress becomes more important than identifying positive solutions. The truest test of leadership may be a lawyer’s ability to successfully navigate this cognitive gauntlet and connect with clients, peers and staff during times of crisis.

What You Will Learn: This 60 minute webinar is designed to build on the attendees' experiences by integrating the core tactics and strategies of the Disciplined Listening Method. At the conclusion of this session all attendees will understand how to:

  • Exemplify the motto “If you’re ok, they’re ok”
  • Bond with their clients, peers and staff by demonstrating authentic vulnerability
  • Enhance the perception of their credibility and direct other's focus by acting as an ambiguity filter
  • Avoid increasing resistance by accidentally making the conversation or situation appear to be about you
  • Increase commitment by framing every message around the other person's  needs and concerns
  • Solve current issues, and plan for future issues, without creating new and unnecessary problems to solve
  • Create organizational consistency by implementing the three part Disciplined Listening Leadership Test
  • Limit unintended consequences by increasing their situational awareness
  • Increase the perception of their credibility by integrating outside expertise into their messaging

Who Should Attend: Lawyers, executives and business leaders from all industries will learn influential approaches they can immediately apply to increase commitment and decrease the negative impacts of stress within their organizations.

Michael Reddington, CFI is an executive resource, Certified Forensic Interviewer and the President of InQuasive, Inc. Michael has facilitated over 1,000 engagements and trained over 10,000 participants from over 50 countries. He combines his expertise in non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques with his business experience to deliver interactive programs and provide immediate value for attendees. With Michael it is never a seminar or advisory session, it is always an experience.

As a Certified Forensic Interviewer Michael Reddington has spent nearly 20 years developing unexpected bonds with people during their most stressful conversations. This experience has taught him how to quickly establish trust, help people see beyond their fears, open their minds to new solutions and commit to taking unanticipated actions while feeling exceptionally vulnerable. As an executive resource Michael capitalized on his experience in the interrogation room to create the Disciplined Listening Method. His approach integrates current business communication research and best practices with the key components of four non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques to provide business leaders with the skills, techniques and perspectives necessary to apply strategic, ethical persuasion techniques.

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