Member Spotlight: Heather Fuller

13 Mar 2023 10:28 AM | Lynette Pitt (Administrator)

MEET:  Heather Call Fuller

Introducing Heather, an accomplished attorney at Lincoln Derr, PLLC in Charlotte, specializing in business litigation with a primary focus on medical malpractice cases. Heather received her J.D. from the University of New Mexico in 1994, and joined NCADA in 2021. Learn more about Heather and connect with her as a fellow member.

What drew you to the practice of law and to a litigation and trial practice? I had an ungraduated constitutional law class taught by a lawyer who brought the law to life, and I was hooked. I was drawn to medical malpractice because my father was a doctor. I witnessed his dedication to his patients and achieving a good outcome. I wanted to be able to defend professionals like my father.

What would you do if you were not a lawyer? A doctor.

What is the biggest career challenge you’ve had to overcome? I took a number of years off to raise my 3 children and when I was ready to go back to work, we were not living in the state in which I was licensed. I had to take the North Carolina bar exam 20 years out of law school. It was challenging but in the end, I passed and was able to land in a fantastic firm.

Fun fact that people probably don’t know about you? I am a member of the Hopi Tribe.

What is one piece of professional or life advice you would tell your younger self? It is ok to pause your career to raise children but have a plan for reentry.

Great advice! 

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