NCADA Seminars are a Wonderful Thing

30 Nov 2015 4:41 PM | Lynette Pitt (Administrator)

David W. Hood, President, 2015-2016

Hello out there to everyone in NCADA-land! This is your friendly neighborhood President, here again to focus your attention on another aspect of the NCADA experience. In my earlier messages, I focused on membership recruitment being a "wonderful thing" and then on involvement in NCADA activities being a "wonderful thing." Keeping with that theme, I want to concentrate this month on our CLE offerings. Which are, well, wonderful in my opinion.

As you know, our two big CLE events of the year are the Fall Seminar in Greensboro and the Annual Meeting in June, which this coming year will be held in Asheville for the first time. In addition to these, we usually have several half or full day programs scattered throughout the year, put on by one or more committee or Practice Group of our organization.

I am pleased to announce that, for the first time, we have decided that instead of starting those additional programs from scratch every year, we will put on a Winter Workshop in January - a full day seminar including general topics for everyone in the morning, and then area-of-practice-specific content put on by all of our Practice Groups in the afternoon. We hope this will be a significant added benefit to our membership, as well as to non-members as well. Not only will the event help to get those last minute CLE hours before the February deadline, it will allow time for our Practice Groups to have organizational meetings, networking, and educational programming that is much more focused on practice-specific topics. The Fall and Annual meetings have great content, but our members that have very specific practices could probably benefit very much from an entire afternoon of CLE geared to developments in their respective areas.

The event will be held in Durham, at The Solution Center on January 29. More details are available elsewhere in this issue. Thanks to J.D. Keister of McAngus Goudelock in Raleigh for heading up this effort, to all the Practice Groups and committees involved in pulling it off, and to Lynette Pitt for her facilitation of the whole process. They have done their jobs - now it is up to you! Support this effort by coming, by encouraging other lawyers in your office to come, and by participating in the organizational meeting and educational programming planned for the Practice Group to which you belong.

It's a great chance to get in on the ground floor for an event we hope will become a permanent part of our NCADA offerings. See you at the Winter Workshop in January!

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