A Challenge to Every Member

29 Jan 2016 5:30 PM | Lynette Pitt (Administrator)

David W. Hood, President, 2015-2016

Folks, it's your NCADA President here again with an official welcome to this month's edition of our newsletter, The Resource. This month I want to issue a challenge to every member who is reading this. Stop what you are doing, right now, and pay attention. This is important.

Membership organizations need to add new members just to keep up with natural attrition of the membership list, if nothing else. And the way that the vast majority of new people join an organization is for a current member to ask them. Just like for every other civic or professional club, this is true for the NCADA.

I need your help, dear member. Think of someone with whom you are dealing in a current case. Could be counsel for a co-defendant. Could be opposing counsel. Could be another lawyer in you own firm with whom you handling the case. It just needs to be a lawyer who primarily represents business , government entities, or insureds in civil litigation. Think of someone that you are not sure is a current NCADA member, someone you think would be a good addition but you can't remember ever seeing them before at an NCADA event.

Double-check to see if this prospect if already a member. This is easy to do now on our spiffy new website. Here's the link you need:

I know you're still with me. You gots the name. Now, gets the email and/or phone number. You know what is coming next - ask them to join! Yes. I mean right now. Send the email. Or, if you are really chicken and would rather someone else ask them, send the contact info to me at and I'll do it.

This is a process I went through myself several times since I became Prez. And it has worked most of the time - the majority of folk I have asked have said yes. I'm not asking you to contact a buncha people. Just one.

And when you have done this successfully, let me know so I can use your story to encourage others to do this. It is VERY easy. And it is VERY important. Thanks for your commitment to the NCADA!

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