Hurricane Dorian Message to Our Members

04 Sep 2019 11:30 AM | Lynette Pitt (Administrator)

As another storm, Hurricane Dorian, takes aim at North Carolina, we recognize again the impact this storm may have on our members, in both your personal and professional lives. We urge all of you to exercise safety and caution in the days ahead. Hopefully, each of you has prepared for the potential interruption to your businesses, as well as personal lives. The NCADA, as an organization, again intends to lend support wherever possible in the aftermath of the hurricane.

Realizing that members and firms will be affected differently depending on their location and the ultimate path of the storm, we would like to have our members already thinking about ways to assist fellow NCADA firms. Therefore, as you take measures to prepare for the storm, keep in mind ways that you may assist other members if you are not impacted as greatly as others may be. It is our hope that those firms most severely impacted might have access to needed spare furniture, printers, office supplies, and even office space by those members who are not as severely affected.

The forecasted impact of Hurricane Dorian is to our coastal regions. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the NCADA directly or to other members if you are in need of assistance, either professionally or personally. For those of you who are not affected as greatly, we may be contacting you to provide assistance and support for members whose practices and lives are impacted. This may take the form of donating supplies and space, as well as monetary contributions.

From the mountains of western North Carolina to the coast, the strength of the NCADA is in our relationships with one another. We encourage all of our members to consider how you may support each other as Dorian approaches and passes. For those down east, stay safe and do not, hesitate to reach out for support

Lach Zemp, President

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