Judicial Candidates' Forum

2024 Judicial Candidates' Forum

NCADA's 13th biennial Judicial Candidates' Forum was held Friday, June 14th, in conjunction with the 47th Annual Meeting in Asheville, NC.   The Forum will featured candidates running in statewide elections for seats on the North Carolina's Appellate Courts. Each candidate is invited to briefly discuss his or her qualifications and answer a brief question regarding areas of concern for civil defense attorneys and their business clients.  

See below for a list of candidates and links to campaign websites .  Links to individual Forum videos from each race will be posted on YouTube and a playlist of all the videos in early July.  

A special issue of The Resource featuring candidate profiles is in publishing now.  Please share this appellate candidate resource with colleagues, clients and friends.

2024 Appellate Races

North Carolina Supreme Court

Candidates for Seat 6
 Jefferson Griffin (R)
Allison Riggs (D)

North Carolina Court of Appeals

Candidates for Seat 12
Thomas Murry (R)
Carolyn J. Thompson (D)

Candidates for Seat 14
Ed Eldred (D)
Valerie Zachary (R)

Candidates for Seat 15
Christopher Freeman (R)
Martin Moore (D)

Learn More about the candidates in our upcoming Special Candidates Issue of The Resource 

Videos from  Judicial Candidates' Forum via YouTube Playlist will be available in early July.

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