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  • 27 Apr 2016 1:45 PM | Lynette Pitt (Administrator)

    David W. Hood, President, 2015-2016

    Hello again, and welcome to our April edition of the NCADA’s monthly newsletter, The Resource.  This month I want to remind you all that while membership in the NCADA is a good first step towards improving your practice, involvement in the necessary next step.  There are several opportunities coming up for you to take this next step, and I encourage you to take advantage. 

    First, of course, we have the Annual Meeting in June.  Additional information is available elsewhere in this issue, but right now I want to focus on one of the many reasons you should be registering for this event in Asheville.  There will be a number of judges in attendance, from both the trial and appellate courts, as well as the Industrial Commission (the new Chair Charlton Allen included.)  This is an excellent chance to get to know these folks apart from representation in particular cases, and that knowledge will help you become a better advocate and a better lawyer overall.  Given the number of social events forming part of this year’s programming, making those contacts with not only the judiciary but fellow lawyers from around the state will be easy, and, in my opinion, extremely productive.  So go to our awesome website and register today.

    Second, if you are able to be in the Raleigh area on May 12, you should sign up to attend the Judicial Reception to start at 5:30 at Jimmy V’s Osteria and Bar.  We sponsor these judicial receptions at five different locations in North Carolina, and they are another great way to meet and greet the judiciary and fellow lawyers in your area.  I have been to several of these outside of my geographic region, and can tell you the value of this type of networking even if you just happen to be in the area from out-of-town.  This is not a seminar, so no programming per se, but just an opportunity for social interaction.  Use it. 

    Finally, new members or those without heavy NCADA involvement so far often ask me how best to become more involved.  In addition to going to events as mentioned above, the next thing to do is to contact the Practice Group leadership in one or more of your areas of practice, and offer to help.  (Other options would include the Committees for Young Lawyers, Women Litigators, and Diversity).  The Chairs and Vice-Chairs are always looking for help, and would be glad to put you to work in some fashion.  Become the type of person that folk can rely on for assistance – that could lead all sorts of places for you, including into leadership positions if you are interested in that.  The leadership team for Practice Groups and selected Committees is profiled elsewhere on the website, for your convenience.

    I hope to see you at a future NCADA event!


  • 23 Mar 2016 6:28 PM | Lynette Pitt (Administrator)

    David W. Hood, President, 2015-2016

    Hello again, NCADA members and hangers-on!   As current President of our organization, I want to bring y’all up to speed on a few things happening in our world as we continue our mission to strengthen the practice of lawyers who defend individuals and represent business in civil litigation.

    Probably the most important topic right now would be the ongoing preparations for our Annual Meeting, to take place for the first time this year in Asheville, June 16-19, at the Omni Grove Park Inn.  The convention location (Grove Park) is fabulous, June in Asheville is fabulous, and the program is shaping up to be just as fabulous!  The Annual Meeting is not only our organization’s best opportunity to get to know other defense lawyers and judges from around the state, it is also both educational and fun.  Go to the website link and register today.  Yes, I mean right now.  You can come back to this column afterwards.

    We just hosted our first Winter Workshop back in late January, with general session topics in the morning and Practice Group-specific programming in the afternoon.  This was a trial run, and I believe was a big success.  We had a nice turnout, and some truly excellent presentations at The Solution Center in Durham, right off I-40.  If you missed it you, well, really missed something – but if you did attend and have not yet given us feedback, please do so.  We want to use that input to plan an event better workshop for early 2017.

    It is also the time of year when NCADA leadership positions rotate to new folk.  If you have ever wanted to get more involved in your particular Practice Group, or in the organization as a whole, this would be a great opportunity to contact me, Executive Director Lynette Pitt, or our President-Elect Todd Brown about how you can become active in a committee, group, or project of the organization.  We’d love to talk to you about your interests in that regard.

    Finally, with the General Assembly about to go back to Raleigh for its “Short Session”, as well as with important cases always cycling through our appellate courts, I wanted you all to know that the NCADA will continue its role of helping to advocate for our positions with each branch of state government.  We have an active Legislative Committee that works with our lobbyist, Bob Kaylor, on pending bills.  We provide assistance and advice to members of both the legislative and executive branches on appointments and other important issues.  Through our Amicus Committee, we advocate directly for legal principles important to our membership pending in the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.  The NCADA is an active organization, and we are proud of that fact.

    Thanks for your own involvement with the NCADA.  See you in Asheville!

  • 29 Feb 2016 2:58 PM | Lynette Pitt (Administrator)

    Nominations are being accepted for the 2016 J. Robert Elster Award for Professional Excellence. In honor of the life and career of J. Robert Elster, the second president of the Association, the NCADA renamed this Award in 2007.

    Please nominate a present or past member of the NCADA for consideration as a possible recipient of the Award for Professional Excellence that will be presented at the Annual Meeting, June 16-19, 2016. Your letter of nomination should be addressed to David W. Hood, President, c/o Lynette Pitt, Executive Director, NCADA, 3700 National Drive, Ste 212, Raleigh, NC 27612. The letter should reference the "J. Robert Elster Award for Professional Excellence," include the name and current address of your nominee, along with supporting information and any appropriate documentation you believe will help the Awards Committee in making a recommendation to the Board of Directors. Your letter must be received at the Raleigh office no later than Friday, March 25, 2016.

    Criteria: The recipient shall be a present, or former, member of the North Carolina Association of Defense Attorneys. The recipient must exemplify the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and ethics, and conduct herself, or himself, in a civil, courteous manner with all persons. The recipient must exemplify sustained, excellent service to individual and corporate defendants in civil litigation, to the Bar, and to the community.

    Other factors that may be considered are involvement in judicial or other professional educational activities; participation in activities that improve the civil justice system; and such other criteria as the Board or Awards Committee shall determine to be important to the extraordinary achievement intended to be recognized by this Award.

    Nomination and Selection:  Nominations shall be by current members of the NCADA.

    The Awards Committee shall receive all nominations in confidence. It shall review the nominations, and if a recipient is selected, shall confidentially recommend a recipient of the Award to the Board of Directors of the NCADA. If the Award recipient is approved by the Board of Directors, the Awards Committee shall prepare an outline of the presentation to be made by the President of the NCADA at the Annual Meeting, and shall obtain the Award on behalf of the NCADA for presentation.

    The Award is intended as a special recognition, and it is not necessary that an Award be given as often as annually.

    Print nominations memo

  • 29 Jan 2016 5:30 PM | Lynette Pitt (Administrator)

    David W. Hood, President, 2015-2016

    Folks, it's your NCADA President here again with an official welcome to this month's edition of our newsletter, The Resource. This month I want to issue a challenge to every member who is reading this. Stop what you are doing, right now, and pay attention. This is important.

    Membership organizations need to add new members just to keep up with natural attrition of the membership list, if nothing else. And the way that the vast majority of new people join an organization is for a current member to ask them. Just like for every other civic or professional club, this is true for the NCADA.

    I need your help, dear member. Think of someone with whom you are dealing in a current case. Could be counsel for a co-defendant. Could be opposing counsel. Could be another lawyer in you own firm with whom you handling the case. It just needs to be a lawyer who primarily represents business , government entities, or insureds in civil litigation. Think of someone that you are not sure is a current NCADA member, someone you think would be a good addition but you can't remember ever seeing them before at an NCADA event.

    Double-check to see if this prospect if already a member. This is easy to do now on our spiffy new website. Here's the link you need:

    I know you're still with me. You gots the name. Now, gets the email and/or phone number. You know what is coming next - ask them to join! Yes. I mean right now. Send the email. Or, if you are really chicken and would rather someone else ask them, send the contact info to me at and I'll do it.

    This is a process I went through myself several times since I became Prez. And it has worked most of the time - the majority of folk I have asked have said yes. I'm not asking you to contact a buncha people. Just one.

    And when you have done this successfully, let me know so I can use your story to encourage others to do this. It is VERY easy. And it is VERY important. Thanks for your commitment to the NCADA!

  • 30 Nov 2015 4:41 PM | Lynette Pitt (Administrator)

    David W. Hood, President, 2015-2016

    Hello out there to everyone in NCADA-land! This is your friendly neighborhood President, here again to focus your attention on another aspect of the NCADA experience. In my earlier messages, I focused on membership recruitment being a "wonderful thing" and then on involvement in NCADA activities being a "wonderful thing." Keeping with that theme, I want to concentrate this month on our CLE offerings. Which are, well, wonderful in my opinion.

    As you know, our two big CLE events of the year are the Fall Seminar in Greensboro and the Annual Meeting in June, which this coming year will be held in Asheville for the first time. In addition to these, we usually have several half or full day programs scattered throughout the year, put on by one or more committee or Practice Group of our organization.

    I am pleased to announce that, for the first time, we have decided that instead of starting those additional programs from scratch every year, we will put on a Winter Workshop in January - a full day seminar including general topics for everyone in the morning, and then area-of-practice-specific content put on by all of our Practice Groups in the afternoon. We hope this will be a significant added benefit to our membership, as well as to non-members as well. Not only will the event help to get those last minute CLE hours before the February deadline, it will allow time for our Practice Groups to have organizational meetings, networking, and educational programming that is much more focused on practice-specific topics. The Fall and Annual meetings have great content, but our members that have very specific practices could probably benefit very much from an entire afternoon of CLE geared to developments in their respective areas.

    The event will be held in Durham, at The Solution Center on January 29. More details are available elsewhere in this issue. Thanks to J.D. Keister of McAngus Goudelock in Raleigh for heading up this effort, to all the Practice Groups and committees involved in pulling it off, and to Lynette Pitt for her facilitation of the whole process. They have done their jobs - now it is up to you! Support this effort by coming, by encouraging other lawyers in your office to come, and by participating in the organizational meeting and educational programming planned for the Practice Group to which you belong.

    It's a great chance to get in on the ground floor for an event we hope will become a permanent part of our NCADA offerings. See you at the Winter Workshop in January!

  • 27 Oct 2015 12:30 PM | Lynette Pitt (Administrator)

    David W. Hood, President 2015-2016

    Welcome to this edition of the NCADA's monthly publication, The Resource! In my last message, I argued for the proposition that Membership is a Wonderful Thing. And, well, it is.

    Now let me propose another thought - Involvement is a Wonderful Thing. Membership in the North Carolina Association of Defense Attorneys is great, of course, but in order to truly utilize this opportunity both to enhance your practice and improve as a lawyer, I encourage you to get up off that bench and get into the game!

    How should you start? I think a great beginning would be to check out our spiffy new website at If you are relatively new to the organization, it should help you get acclimated to our organization, our leadership, and our programming. There are forums available for discussion of current topics of relevance to our eight Practice Groups and other committees. You can read content from past issues of The Resource.

    Once you get your feet wet, try to determine which part of our mission seems most relevant either to your current practice or what you want your practice to become. If you would like to become more involved in, say, the Commercial Litigation Practice Group, then contact the current Chair Greg Holland and volunteer to help him with planning CLE material, or writing for The Resource, or begin a discussion thread on the Commercial forum on the website. If, on the other hand, you would like to offer your brief-writing services for our Amicus program, contact Committee Chair George Simpson about what opportunities may exist in that area. If you want to help promote diversity in our organization, then contact our Diversity Committee Chair Viral Mehta and see how you can contribute.

    There are a multitude of possibilities open to you. Your first step, though, it to make the decision to step out of those shadows of non-involved membership. Put yourself into the sunlight of vibrant, active participation in this talented group we call the NCADA. If you want to discuss more generally how we can best benefit from your awesomeness, then by all means contact our Executive Director Lynette Pitt, or you can take your chances with an email to me, your current President, at

    Without your help, we cannot become all we could be. Come on, do it. You know you want to.

  • 28 Aug 2015 3:04 PM | Lynette Pitt (Administrator)
    David W. Hood, President 2015-2016

    Welcome to this month’s edition of the NCADA’s monthly newsletter The Resource.  Thanks to the hard work of our Communications committee, Lynette, and our leadership on the Board and in the Practice Groups, The Resource has been a welcome addition to the In-Boxes of lawyers and judges all over North Carolina.  As current President of the organization, I want you folks not only to enjoy and learn from what you read, but also be inspired to become more involved in the activities of the NCADA.  We welcome your submissions for future issues.  We welcome your attendance at our upcoming Fall Seminar in Greensboro (details available elsewhere in this issue.)  We welcome your involvement in our Practice Groups, our Committees, and the Forums on our newly-redesigned NCADA website.

    This month, though, I want to specifically welcome you to join me in the recruitment of new members for our organization.  If you attended the Annual Meeting this past June and heard my little speech upon taking office, you already know that my main focus this year is to revitalize our membership initiatives.  I call it “Broadening Our Base.”  NCADA membership is a wonderful thing, but there are plenty of lawyers out there who have not yet heard the good news.  It’s time for a little evangelism.

    Tracy Tomlin at the Charlotte office of the Nelson Mullins firm is chair of a reconstituted Membership Committee, along with members from other geographic areas of our state – Allan Tarlton (Asheville), Kevin Williams (Winston-Salem), Justin Howard (Raleigh) and Dan Morton (Wilmington).  While they are going to take the lead in certain membership initiatives this year, they cannot do this job by themselves. So what can the involved and committed NCADA member do to help this effort?  Three things.

    1) While-You’re-At-It.    Many of you are handling at least one case right now in which a lawyer representing another party in the case would be a good member of the NCADA but has not yet taken the plunge.  Identify that person, verify with Lynette or otherwise whether that person is already a member, and if not then mention it to them, in person or otherwise.  We have a little flyer you can email that person, along with a membership application.  Don’t be tellin’ me you can’t do this – you can.  It’s not hard.  If each of us were able to find one new member this year just from this one initiative, we would more than meet our growth goal for the whole year.

    2) Be-An-Ambassador.   You may well be in a firm right now with a number of folks who practice in the areas NCADA serves, but those lawyers are not members of the NCADA.  You joined because you thought it was good for your practice to be a member of our organization.  You were right.  Now it’s time to share that story with someone else in your firm.  Be the Prometheus who brings Fire to that person.

    3) Consider-Your-Clients.  Many of us work with in-house lawyers on a regular basis.  The NCADA can be a nice home for that person as well. If you have a prospect, ask Lynette about how we handle membership for in-house lawyers, and y’all figure out the best way to make the pitch.   The benefits to us are obvious.  The benefits to them are quality CLE, networking, and engagement on issues of mutual importance to NCADA members and our clients.

    Won’t you join with me  and take action on Membership?  You’ll be glad you did.

  • 30 Jun 2015 9:00 AM | Lynette Pitt (Administrator)

    Judge Linda Stephens has been awarded the J. Robert Elster Award for Professional Excellence for 2015 by the NC Association of Defense Attorneys (NCADA).

    This Award, named in honor and recognition of J. Robert Elster, a founding member and second president of the NCADA, recognized current and past members who exemplify the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and ethics and conducts him or herself in a civil, courteous manner with all persons.  The recipient must exemplify sustained excellent service to individual and corporate defendants in civil litigation, to the Bar and to the community.

    Judge Stephens is especially deserving of this recognition by the members of the NCADA having achieved many "firsts' in her career. She served as the first female law clerk for Chief Judge Hedrick at the NC Court of Appeals, the woman lawyer to join the law firm of Teague Campbell Dennis & Gorham and that firm's first female partner.  She is among the first female members of the NCADA, the first female to serve as president in 2001-2002, the first President of the NCADA to receive the Fred H. Seivert Award from DRI, which recognizes the outstanding president of all state defense organizations, and she is the first NCADA president to serve as a judge on the North Carolina Court of Appeals. It is only fitting that Judge Stephens be the first female recipient of this Award - an award that was established under her leadership as NCADA president.

    In addition to her many career successes, Judge Stephens is truly dedicated to service: to her clients; her friends; to the many, many animals that she’s fostered, mothered and nursed; and now to the people of the State of North Carolina. 

    The NCADA is pleased to recognize Judge Linda Stephens as the 2015 recipient of the J. Robert Elster Award for Professional Excellence. 

  • 19 Jun 2015 9:30 AM | Lynette Pitt (Administrator)

    John S. Willardson was one of the 2015 recipients of the NCBA's Citizen Lawyer Awards.  Willardson was recognized for his volunteer work with local non-profits such as the Wilkes Family YMCA, Hospice of Wilkes, as well as other groups.  Willardson served as NCADA president in 2000-2001.

    Alan W. Duncan is the 11th recipient of the Dr. I. Beverly Lake Public Service Award presented by the North Carolina Bar Association.  Duncan was presented the award at the 2015 NCBA Annual Meeting on Friday, June 19th, in Asheville.  Duncan is a past president of the NC Bar Association (2013-2014) and the NCADA (1994-1995).

  • 15 Jun 2015 10:00 AM | Lynette Pitt (Administrator)

    The North Carolina Association of Defense Attorneys (NCADA) held its 38th Annual Meeting in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina June 11-14th 2015. Several officers assumed new roles within the organization this year.

    David W. Hood was confirmed as the 38th President of the Association.  Hood is a partner with Patrick Harper & Dixon, LLP in Hickory.  He is a trial attorney with a wide-ranging civil practice. His concentrations include Insurance Defense, Business Disputes, Construction Law, Bankruptcy – Creditors’ Rights, and Collections. He is also a certified mediator, helping to settle cases pending in both state and federal court. As president, Hood plans to focus on growing and expanding the membership of the Association.  Hood received his J.D. from the University of  North Carolina School of Law in 1991.

    Edward F. Hennessey, IV is Immediate Past President.  Hennessey is a shareholder with Charlotte law firm, Robinson Bradshaw & Hinson, P.A.  His litigation practice includes the representation of claimants and defendants in construction, corporate and other business-related litigation.  Hennessey received his J.D. from Cornell University in 1988.  During his year as president, he focused on enhancing the association’s profile with the legislature and within the business community with a special focus on judicial and administration of justice issues.  Hennessey was presented the “DRI Exceptional Performance Award” and the NCADA recognized him for his year of service during the conference. 

    A. Todd Brown assumes the role of President-Elect.  Brown served as program chair this year, and was instrumental in securing engaging and informative content and speakers for the two-day CLE program. Breakout sessions included topics relating to Construction law, Commercial law, General Liability, Medical Malpractice, Product Liability, and Workers Compensation. The diverse group of panelists and speakers offered trial strategy and briefed members on current trends and recent decisions.  Brown is a partner with Hunton & Williams practicing in the firm’s Charlotte office.  Brown received his J.D. from the University of  South Carolina School of Law in 1986 and previously served as NCADA Executive Vice President.

    Dayatra T. Matthews was elected to the office of Executive Vice President Matthews is Senior Vice President of Legal & Compliance for the Local Government Federal Credit Union in Raleigh. As SVP of the Credit Union’s Legal and Compliance Department, Matthews is in charge of ensuring all Credit Union business is conducted in compliance with relevant state and federal laws and regulations. Matthews received her J.D. from Duke University School of Law in 1997 and previously served as Secretary of the Association.

    Lawrence M. Baker was elected to a 2-year term as Secretary.  Baker has been practicing insurance defense litigation in Charlotte, NC since 1990, joining Cranfill Sumner & Hartzog, LLP in 2002.  Larry handles both workers’ compensation and civil litigation matters at both trial and appellate levels.  Baker received his J.D. from Wake Forest University School of Law in 1990.  Baker previously served a 3-year term as a member of the Board of Directors.

     Julia E. Dixon, continues to serve as Treasurer. Dixon is a shareholder with Young Moore & Henderson, PA, in Raleigh. She served a one-year term on the Board of Directors and as Worker’s Compensation practice group. She served as the primary bill drafter for several significant pieces of legislation to reform the Workers’ Compensation Act and continues to provide feedback on proposed rules of the Commission. Dixon received her J.D. from the University of  North Carolina School of Law in 2001.

    The NCADA welcomed the following NEW members to the Board of Directors:

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